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  • Stories We Love: “Travel,” by Laurie Colwin

    Fiction Writers Review, May 2014
    Certain stories, like certain poems, etch onto memory.

  • Come to Greentown

    Fiction Writers Review, November 2012
    Ray Bradbury’s Pulitzer –winning stories provide a portal back to childhood, and the ultimate SciFi shape shifter: age.

  • Creative Defiance

    Fiction Writers Review, December 2011
    Writing is the ultimate act of creative defiance.

  • No Trespassing

    Talk Writing, February 2017
    A Therapist’s Intuition Uncover Hidden History.




  • Problem Set

    The American Literary Review: Fall 2012-Spring 2013

    Joy navigated past a stream of trucks. She hated highway driving, mistrusted her night vision.

  • Your Guardian, Angela

    The MacGuffin, Spring/Summer 2012
    I pride myself on my credentials as a Generalist. Good, classic pearls of wisdom go with any ensemble.

  • Duets and Solos

    Talking River, 2010
    One afternoon a week they were excused early from school and rode with Mrs. Crichton in her big black sedan, one of the cars left behind by her husband. He had left her behind, too.